Laundry thoughts

While I washed my cloths this morning, I noticed that with each cloth I took out of the water, the water reduced. The water kept reducing till there was no much to absorb another cloth. A scary thought came to me and I ask, What if we were like that water, What if we lost […]

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Rise of a broken lion

Sticks and stones Could not break me It was life with guns and arms That pulled me down to my knees The weight of the world On my sagged shoulders The sky at the time Was no place for a hope Strength hovers around But does not rest on me I lost my life when […]

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Will you live for me?

I do not want to be the one you die for I’m not strong enough to live with just memories of you. I want to be reason you fight to live I do not need to tell you But Somehow I’m bound to you Living without you , I can survive But I will not […]

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She sways to the sound of pain She knows when it sings And when it drums She knows every lyric of its song Yet she can’t sing along For expression is luxury So she holds it in Hiding her shattered bits underneath her broken self A false smile broadens her lips But you can see […]

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Dear Stranger

Dear stranger, I was told, it was the eyes that told the beauty of the soul. I met you the other day in a bus. Your eyes told so much tales. I knew I had to take the seat next to you so I struggled to the last seater in the bus. You sat there, […]

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You’re a petrol drum and a match, but I like bonfires You’re dangerously toxic So I’ll feel dizzy and get high on thoughts of you My ever growing addiction One for which I don’t need rehab It seems as though my heart commited a crime And you’re its arresting officer ¬©Alexander 2019 (Lextreme)


Summer Affair

She wrote to the stranger; But you, you have messed me up Look at me, Looking for pieces of you Anything that reminds me of you It seems you are scattered all over Just all over the place Still I can’t hold on to the whole of you I try to write but you are […]

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